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If you would like to see some drawings of a fan girl, doing absolute fail stories, parodies, and etc, click below.

I'm aware that my ideas are silly but it's all in good fun. :aww:

:iconreadcplz1::iconreadcplz2::iconreadcplz3: :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: :icondontlikeit1plz::icondontlikeit2plz:

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Something important about mmd you NEED to know
Update: people have been misunderstanding my intentions of this journal and have brought up similar arguements more than once. I didn't make this to single out youtubers, or to blame people. I made this to inform people of what the no commercial use rule means. I get people asking me if they can pay me for mmd services so often that I felt the need for this. 
Yes: I know that youtube puts ads on videos without the user wanting them it. (as I said in the journal)
No: not all of mmd videos that have ads on them are because of the music being used. 
Yes: there are people who are monetzing their videos for profit. 
No: it is not okay to assume that if there is an ad, that means that the person didn't put it there themself.
Please actually read this for what it is and don't come to the conclusion that I'm blaming poeple. This journal is not about youtube. I say in the journal that I kn
:iconrubyrain19:RubyRain19 17 47
My favorites are very special to me. I fav these pictures because they give me so much inspiration and ideas. Hopefully you'll feel the same when you look through them here. Just...don't steal the art, okay? Thank you.



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I'm starting to get last active here, whoops.

While I don't mind seeing a bunch of TDA edits everywhere minus the cringey ones cause ugh lately, I've been thinking in other people's perspective on why they would be sick of them.

We all know that the majority complain about it being over saturated but as of recently, I've witnessed how others might cause them to dislike TDA edits even more.

This one being 'Does it fit TDA?'

I don't recall if I ever asked any modelers this question in the past, and if I have, I apologize immensely. But over time I would see folks constantly ask users if an accessory, clothing, or hair piece fits TDA when it doesn't really matter.

Anything can fit TDA, you just gotta put a lot of time and effort into it.

I've used outfits and items that weren't made for TDA on my models (haven't posted those yet) and they fit just fine. Just gotta practice, move vertices around, and basically trial and error.

I know, I know, majority of the MMDC are filled with lazy people and will probably still ask that question but all I'm saying is that asking folks if things fit TDA might make others less tolerant of TDA edits, so please stop pestering them.
I apologize for responding so late to the Birthday comments.

My computer literally blue screened on my birthday of all things and was unable to respond that day.

Spent the next couple of days backing up my files then had to setup my semi new laptop (it was given to me a couple of birthdays ago) cause it didn't have the necessary programs.

Thankfully the new hard-drive arrived a couple of days later, dad got it fixed, everything's fine, I have a shit ton of messages and despite my computer being fixed, I still took a while to respond, so sorry about that.

ANYWAY, thank you again everyone! Q w Q
Y'know what? I don't care anymore.

I don't care if this will anger people.

I don't care if I sound like a salty bitch.

But you wanna know why I don't bitch about being 'oh-so-sick-and-tired' about TDA models?

Because I'm more concerned about the shit happening in real life rather then scream and cry over fucking polygons!

Yeah it sucks that it's overused.

Yeah it sucks that it gets abused.

Yeah it sucks that other models get ignored.

But I'm more freaked out over the fact that there are fucking white supremists out there and the horrid event that happened recently along with the recent hurricane that occurred (don't live anywhere near it but my heart goes out to them).

And I usually don't like to get involved with the news/politics, but the moment I hear the word n**i, you bet your fucking ass that I'm gonna be both scared and angery cause what the fuck, have we not learned anything from the history books?!

I'm just so god damn sick and tired of seeing everyone bitch about how they're sick of TDA this, and how they're sick of TDA that! Or how they try and dictate people to stop making 'TDA horror shit!' or just TDA stuff in general with their stamps, journals, pictures, whatever!

Granted, I do bitch about how shitty the community is, but I more likely bitch about the ungrateful little shits that would treat my friends like they're fucking welcome mats, like my friend Moyonote

She has stated several times for all of you to stop taking parts/reuploading/recoloring/etc her models and just fucking ask her where she got said parts from! But nooooooo, apparently none of you know how to fucking read and just feel entitled to do whatever you want cause that's all that fucking matters, right?

Ether way, this is all the more reason why none my models will EVER be put up for DL so don't you DARE try to ask for 'em or even THINK about trying to guilt me cause I absolutely do not tolerate whiners!

But that aside, I don't give a shit about TDA models being so mainstream cause at the end of the day, they're nothing but polygons! ALL OF THEM ARE! TDA, YYB, Koron, Animasa, and any other model-ALL POLYGONS!


I just want to be able to animate and make my stories in peace...
I'm fucking crying cause everywhere I go, I see nothing but hate and I want it to S T O P.
Spreading these cause some of ya don't seem to understand the word 'no'.
do not be a lazyass, we model editors spent HOURS TRYING TO ADJUST THE PARTS WE USED (FROM OTHER EDITABLE MODELS) ON OUR MODEL EDITS WHILE YOU GUYS CAN JUST SPEND 1 MINUTE TO USE THE PARTS FROM OUR MODEL EDITS?? that ain't fair man, you guys clearly do not understand our struggle
so please again

edit: okay i now realized that some of you may still don't know, but I'M FORMERLY KNOWN AS HORIPU/ETONUSTAY/ERISSU
so you all have no excuse to edit my models or t

Please stop asking me for Sans DLsThe reason why I removed the DLs to my Sans edits (Ink, Dream, Nightmare etc ) was because I was sick and tired of just seeing them used as Sans OCs. I specifically created them for that character only, man. It's really discouraging to see them be used as an entirely different "non-Undertale" OC
Like lmao, no discrimination against OCs, whatever floats their boat fam. But I'm really sick of just seeing a recolored ver. of my edits and getting tagged with it.
Like, this isn't what I made them for????
Please stop asking MagicalPouchOfMagic for Sans edits and stop asking me for the Sans edits.
Please do not distribute the edits around.

If the person says their model and/or motion is not for DL:

Do not push them for it.

Do not guilt them for it.

Do not whine about it.

Learn to read and respect modellers' rules otherwise they'll start to get reluctant to make any more public downloads in the future.

I've made some of these mistakes in the past and do my best not to make them again for just like any other artists, they've put their blood, sweat, and tears into making their models/motions, whether if they're just edits or hand-made. So please show some respect.
Made a tumblr page for my MMD stuff and what a way to start off with a post asking for help ^^;…
Okay, I hate the fact that I had to block a recent watcher but if the first thing I see is a promo to possibly a porn site, yeah no, not havin that, thank you.

Just wanna let you guys know that I have not forgotten about this AU but life's been really hectic on my end - along with trying to step out of my comfort zone a bit - so you're most likely gonna see A!/Frozen AU related stuff from Faith for a bit. We're still discussing ideas, character designs, and many other things for this AU that we've reached a point where it's Faith's turn to pick it up a bit on the writing front (by that meaning polishing it up). I wanna thank everyone for your patience and really appreciate you guys for understanding.

Though please do not ask us about when to expect the story to ether be finished or posted. We're still working out the drafts and have some scenes that aren't even completed yet so we'd really appreciate it if you keep those questions to yourselves and be patient. Please be considerate and don't push/pester artists to get something done, we're doing the best we can and want the story to turn out good.

Thank you.

If you wanna see more AU stuff done by Faith, you can find them here:…
Crying in happiness cause now I've FINALLY found a dress to replace Emily's old Magical girl outfit and don't feel like a little shit anymore. :iconlazycryplz:

No really, there's not enough words to describe how happy this makes me so here:

I seriously don't understand what's keeping me from responding to replies. Like I stare at them for a long ass time, trying to figure out what to say and tell myself 'okay I'm gonna reply to them now.', only to look at it some more then do something else.

But really, I need to respond soon cause some of the comments are from June and we're almost in the middle of July. :iconlazycryplz:

Edit: That also goes for wanting to ask someone to double check with a rule of a motion that you're unsure of. I keep trying to push my self to send a note but somethings keeps holding me back ; n ;
TFW you wanna motion trace a couple of scenes from the Exorcist (the series, not the movie) but then start to freak out cause oh fuck is this breaking some of the rules?! :scared: 

No joke, my heart's been pounding pretty hard since then.
*Checks her inbox*

*Sees all the comments and replies*

*Sees the date they were sent*

*Wants to reply to them really bad but doesn't know what to say*


Social anxiety's a bitch... Sad goldie

I'm continuing to push myself to talk more to others but it's still pretty hard...and scary. I don't like making people upset...or weirded out.
Please do NOT put any of my art (MMD or drawings) into folders that have the words 'sexy' and 'hot' in the title! It makes me very uncomfortable, especially if my character, who you find 'hot' and 'sexy', is UNDERAGE!

I don't want to block people. Please don't make me block people.

Been working on animations so I'm kinda goin back and forth with stuff. I'll reply to comments/notes soon
I'm not gonna cry

I'm not gonna cry

I'm not gonna cry!


Komari Kamikita (Crying) [V5] 

Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon 


Theodore is a precious cinnamon roll and needs to be protected at all cost-I AM TAKING YOU OUT FOR ICE CREAM!
Kay, I can't take this anymore but...I'm putting most (keyword: most) of my YSTH stuff in storage. I'm tired of seeing people fav the really old stuff cause they're cringey, make no sense, and...I just feel no motivation for YSTH anymore. That and getting comments where folks are screaming at the comic make me really uncomfortable I'm also thinking about closing the YSTH group cause...there's really no point to it.

I do not want to come to the point where I cancel it cause then I'll be proving that one asshole right but I also can't look it right now so if you've solely watched me for that, well you better unwatch me now cause I ain't touchin' YSTH for a long ass time and I'm gonna focus on other projects like A!/Frozen AU, FNAF/Madoka AU, BATIM, MMD, and animations.

Another thing that I've been meaning to say, and should've said this a LONG time ago, is that I unfortunately can't do the commissions due to stress and feel really bad about it so for those who have asked for them, I'm so sorry and if you want a refund, please note me and I'll pay you back ASAP. 

Again, I'm sorry...
This just occurred to me while I was leaving a reply to Moyonote;

Say what you will about the FNAF and UT fandom being really bad (whether it be MMD or regular art), but hooooooooly shit I think this is the first time where I'm actually witnessing some 'fans' getting really toxic within the BATIM fandom.

And by 'fans', I mean purists that will get at you for making something different with Bendy, say, turning Bendy human...and into a woman. 

Don't get me wrong, I know the other two fandoms that I've mentioned are really bad, but surprisingly, not one fan has ever given me shit about 
my FNAF/Madoka crossover AU, at least, to my knowledge. Though I'm pretty sure that might change in the future.

Which is kinda alarming to me since it's a crossover that, let's be honest, makes NO SENSE FOR TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GENRES TO BE PUT TOGETHER WHATSOEVER! Especially to those who haven't even seen or heard of Madoka...

Just...wanted to put that out there. .__.

I s2g, I am so fucking done with people trying to correct me about Bendy's gender. Like, what? Do I have to put a big neon sign stating that I KNOW HE'S A BOY?! AAGGH- *intangible noises* Detective Pikachu Screaming Icon  

I'm gonna go play with wishuponacrane and Moyonote's models now because guh... and maybe animate later
I'm updating/remaking 3 other PMFM character models because the 2 outta 3 are gross, and one of them still looks like an UTAU with chopped hair and different colored eyes. I know can do better and have improved a bit with PMX so here's hoping. ^_^ b
Never thought this picture would be so appropriate to how I feel rn:
Frances go home you're drunk by SonicandShadowfan15
My everything hurts...

The meds aren't working

I don't want to sleep in all day

Am I in hell? 

So I've been listening to Determination animated by wishuponacrane while I'm doing some animation practice of my precious babu, Theodore, getting impaled. 8);;

Like, every time I hear the line 'And I love, the way you hurt me~' I keep going 'THEODORE SURE DOESN'T!'

I feel so awful every time I see Theodore fall TT n TT Sure didn't help when I told my dad about it and he replied 'OMG YOU SICKO!' Don't panic, he's just teasing.

Though I really need to check about the usage of blood in the animation exercise since I'm not sure if it falls into the violence/excessive gore rule and I don't want to break it.  

I normally don't do tags.

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 16, 2017, 10:11 PM

I also have accounts on

If I find you shady, make me uncomfortable or have a link to a fucking porn site, YOU WILL BE BLOCKED

But I'm making an exception here cause Floramy's a sweetie And is extremely patient for putting up with my spam of Madoka x FNAF AU Trash 8') TO ANY RANDOM PERSON WHO SEES THIS, THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN TAG ME IN THE FUTURE.


Blue-orb How old are you?

        Rose Red Bullet - F2U! 25... *IS SURROUNDED BY MINORS* Internal screaming WHY MUST I BE AN ADULT?! I DON'T EVEN FEEL OR ACT LIKE AN ADULT!

Blue-orb What gender and pronouns do you identify with?

        Rose Red Bullet - F2U! She/her

Blue-orb Your name?   

        Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Manda. Or as Aki, Momo, Neko, and Nick recently called me:


Blue-orb How social are you?

        Rose Red Bullet - F2U! I have severe social anxiety and am scared of making people ether tired of hearing me say the same shit over and over, annoyed, or mad. So socially awkward 8);;; REPLY TO THE REPLIES, MANDA!!


Pink2 Orb How long have you been on deviantART? (Old accounts included)

        Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Uh...

Pink2 Orb What are your future plans for the site?

        Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Uh...

Pink2 Orb Do you want to pursue a career in art?

        Rose Red Bullet - F2U! UH-nah kidding but yes, I wanna become an animator.

Pink2 Orb On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your art skills?

        Rose Red Bullet - F2U! ...back to UHHHHHH-!!

Pink2 Orb Do you ever plan on leaving deviantART?

        Rose Red Bullet - F2U! No. I don't know why several folks thought I would though?

Pink2 Orb Who is your favorite visual artist?

        Rose Red Bullet - F2U! *Unrolls a giant list* Where should I start?

Pink2 Orb Do you use a tablet or a mouse?

        Rose Red Bullet - F2U! I started with a mouse and then I discovered the wacom tablet and fell in love. I fell super in love when I got to use the Wacom Cintiq at school Q u Q Why they gotta be so expensive?!

Pink2 Orb How long does it usually take you to complete your artwork?

        Rose Red Bullet - F2U! *Points to all the shit that's on hiatus and/or are unfinished* You tell me. 8);;;

Pink2 Orb How well do you handle criticism?

        Rose Red Bullet - F2U! It's kinda iffy. I, - for the most part - know there's a difference between a critique and a flat out insult but for some reason, if it sounds/reads like the person's upset, I start to think they're angry and they don't like it. I'm continuously working to try and buck up, telling myself, 'Manda no, they're just being straight forward, they're not mad.'

It's also difficult when a critique confuses me cause then I fear I'll irritate them for not being able to get it. 8);; Again, I'm working on it.


Violet-orb What is your sexuality/romantic preference?

        Rose Red Bullet - F2U! UH?????

Violet-orb Are you currently in a relationship?

        Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Nope.

Violet-orb Is your partner/spouse a deviant? (If so, paste link to their profile here.)

        Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Nope.

Violet-orb How long have you been together?

        Rose Red Bullet - F2U! NOPE.


coobie u kno wat time it iz?

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Hiiiiii! My name's Amanda but you can call me Manda, or SaSfan15. Whatever you prefer. Just don't call me Mandy XD;;

I'm a girl that's trying to accomplish her goals in life by taking one step at a time. Being one with ADHD and other challenges may be difficult at times but with patience and help, I know I'll get their some day!

I love art of any kind (except stolen art) and am easily amused. So be prepared to get a lot of favs if I ever come to your page (though I do try not to spam fav an entire gallery) :XD:

I've also been known to kill your childhood so if you value your precious memories of them and prefer to keep it that way, I suggest you TURN BACK NOW!!!


Other then that enjoy the weird but fun randomness! 8D

(Randomness includes moments of ADHD, fangirlism, crazy-ass-crossovers, pairings that probably won't make sense, and more~)

This page may contain images that are not suitable for younger vieweres. Viewer discretion is advised.

Don't forget to check my other sites~

My Fanfiction Account


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