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I've been REALLY hesitant to say this...

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 2, 2015, 2:13 PM

Yakko-Strange Things Happening Fanfic
Recent Chapters of YSTH so far:

YSTH :Prologue: The Nightmare
Life. The word that is the very reason the universe was created. Before humans appeared, other creatures walked among the Earth, making them somewhat rulers of their world. However, no one knows when life would soon end, for during their time, a meteor crashed into their surface causing their world to become grim. Their water dried out, the food burnt up, the devourers starved to death, and soon, all that inhabited life was dead in a matter of seconds. Life had been taken away from under their noses.
As the years past, humans were then created as the first man walked on the surface of the Earth. Soon, human beings, changing the world with ideas, dreams, accomplishments, and power, inhabited the world. No one would have suspected that his or her lives might end any moment, at any time. It just didn't seem to be the main idea to be worried about…so they thought. Life would, yet again, be put to an end…with no warning and no reason, what so ever.
It is these sayings that have dr
- Chapter 1: *Prologue* Nightmare
YSTH :Chapter 2: Falling Stars
Opening his eyes to see nothing but darkness, Yakko shot up from his covers, taking in heavy breaths. His entire body trembled; sweat poured down his face as he clenched his blanket. The nightmare had really spooked him. He took a quick glance around the room, realizing that he was now in his bed. Taking a heavy sigh of relief, Yakko plopped back into his mattress, slowly closing his eyes and tried to go back to sleep.
"What happened?" A familiar liver-pool voice cried.
Hearing that voice, Yakko jumped up from his covers causing him to bonk his head on the bunker of his bed. Rubbing his bump that had formed, Yakko frowned at the person who had spoken: Wakko. He was tilting from his top bunker, holding on to the edge with his tail as he hovered over his brother's. Yakko could see that he was wearing his sky blue night suit, with little buttons snapped closed to hold the outfit together. Knowing that he wasn't amused from the unexpected wake up call, Wakko gave a sheepish grin, letting h
- Chapter 2: Falling Stars
YSTH :Chapter 3: Target
It's time for An-i-ma-ni-acs~
And we're zany to the max!

A pair of crimson red eyes fixated on the screen as it displayed the three children running away from a man, who was incredibly o beast, trying to capture them with a butterfly net.
"What nonsense." The woman muttered. With her hand holding a beautifully crafted wine glass, she quietly took a sip of the drink, giving into the taste as it slowly slipped down to her mouth.
The monitor began to make a slight noise of static as the clip had suddenly changed to another scene. It still showed the same children, but now they were dressed in formal clothing, acting out as if they were trying to impress someone. The woman chuckled when she watched them get rejected and thrown out from the party. How they all shared the same look of sadness made her smile with satisfaction.
That smile had quickly faded away when she saw the oldest one, Yakko Warner, suddenly turn the tables around with a look of utter determination that glowed in hi
- Chapter 3: Target

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Just a reminder
To all who watch me or visit my page, be aware that you are to treat others how YOU want to be treated! If I see anyone that breaks this rule, I'll give you a warning, and if you break it again, :police:YOU WILL BE BLOCKED!!:police: More info here

*Edit: For some reason, DA was being glitchy and made it seem like I posted this journal three times. Sorry about that...

However, based on recent events that have been happening in certain fandoms/communities; I can’t take it anymore! Before I go on, this journal is not aimed at any specific person. I’m just venting and want to get this out before the unwanted guilt swallows me whole. Do keep in mind that I’m terrible at explaining things; tend to go off on a tangent, and prone to be unaware if I’m saying something offensive/hurtful. If I do any of that, please -kindly- let me know and I’ll do my best to re-explain what I mean.

Okay so let’s get down to business.

FNAF fandom

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of shit going on among fans causing others to leave the fandom. Now, I normally don’t have a problem with folks leaving a fandom if they have their own personal reasons. However when I hear that they leave because of crazy fans, or the games are ‘over’, I’m sorry but those reasons make me want to face palm or do a terrible impression of any of the FNAF screeches to represent how frustrated I am.

The same goes for folks who bash on others for not following the ‘canon’ story/timeline on someone’s fan comic. Guys…WE AREN’T FUCKING PSYCHIC! How the hell were we supposed to know that Foxy or Mangle weren’t the culprits of the bite of 87?!

I mean, before it was revealed, the two seemed to be the plausible suspects to cause the bite because THEY BOTH HAVE FUCKING SHARP TEETH! Yes, technically any of the animatronics could’ve done the damage because robots-BUT STILL! Up until FNAF 4, it was nothing but speculations! Shit, I still remember where we all thought Mangle did it because of their death jumpscare animation (swoops down and chomps ya) and the date of the check when you won the game. 

Then there’s the fucking year date. Due to the Easter egg in FNAF 4, majority of people I’ve seen are firm believers that the bite took place in 1983. I admit; I too believed it was in 83 at first, until I had some discussions with some of my friends. The thought never occurred to me that the year displayed on the TV could very likely be a commercial! Think about it; in any food advertisement commercial or restaurant, wouldn’t there be something that would say *‘___ since 1974’?

*Date made up but work with me here. 

So for all we know, Fredbear’s Diner could’ve started IN 1983, but then ended in the year of 87! That aside, why should we get on someone’s case about their interpretation of their own fucking story?! They’re called alternate universes for a reason, people! Who cares if folks decide to make any of the past generations of Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy, or even the fucking cupcake to cause the bite?! Who cares if they give names to the purple guy?! JUST LET PEOPLE DO WHAT THEY WANT WITHIN THEIR OWN STORIES DAMMIT! 

Oh and I haven’t even begun with my pet peeve of people getting on the case on folks who make animatronic pairings, or try to force it down our throats, ‘THEY’RE KILLER ROBOTS! THEY DON’T HAVE EMOTIONS/CAN’T DO WHAT HUMANS CAN!’





I cannot stress this enough for god sake-



I get it; there are gonna be folks who probably can’t handle the idea of the animatronics being haunted by the spirits of the children, BUT there are also others, like myself and many other friends, who like the idea of having the animatronics and the children being two separate things. (weasel-girl I’m using a bit of what you said here.). The latter always comes to mind mostly when I see some adorable SFMs that make their own stories/interpretations of how the characters are like. Plus, in my opinion, seeing cute fluffy stuff, completely random shit, or just hilarious hijinks going on (ex. somewhat Looney Tune shit of the animatronics trying to think of ways to get the night guard) helps ease up the tension and makes you laugh thinking, ‘Wow, I was afraid of these guys?’ or ‘I’m never gonna look at them the same way again after this!’ 

Yes, I understand that the point of the game is to be scary, but that doesn’t mean we have to be restricted from making them do funny stuff, right? I shit you not that when I did my failed attempt to play FNAF 1, I went and looked up funny FNAF shit to ease my nerves afterwards.


Then there are the shipping wars.


Seriously, just because someone ships an animatronic with another animatronic doesn’t mean they’re gonna lead to *SEX! It can be platonic friendship for crying out loud or just have moments where they’re just being snuggly and cutesy romance and just leave it at that. That goes for what gender certain animatronics are (Bonnie, Toy Bonnie, Spring Bonnie, and Mangle) as well, which is why I applaud Scott Cawthon for making that post. Bottom line; stop getting your panties in a bunch! 

In fact, to go back on a previous topic I brought up a couple paragraphs ago, whenever I see someone ‘express’ (using that term loosely) about how robots are emotionless, the sudden urge to bring up a list of movies/stories where they have robots in it and DO GIVE THEM EMOTIONS! Iron Giant anyone? I-robot? Transformers? (I know there could be the argument that they’re aliens but you’re missing my point.) Wall-E? FUCKING TERMINATOR 2?! (Come on the kid managed to teach the fucking terminator about emotions…even if the terminator had its moments). I don’t care if some of the movies I’ve mentioned were bad to some folks, my point is that there have been many movies/stores/TV/cartoons/anime that displayed robots having emotions, so don’t give me that bullshit. 

Also I’d like to point out that if the animatronics really didn’t give a shit, then why would they go out of their way to care about the children’s safety? Sure you can go with the whole ‘they were programmed that way’ but they also ‘malfunctioned’ by attacking the night guards. Plus the death mini games. Need I say more? 

*Now I know there are many folks who flip their shit about robots in general having sex, and no, I’m not restricting it to FNAF. There are plenty of other robots that are thrown into the category. Plus, to chill some people out with the idea of them getting pregnant, here’s a solution; they make babies by BUILDING THEM, and I honestly like that concept. Even so, people should really learn/remember the consequences of the internet, and I’m mostly referring to Rule 34. I’ll admit, I have my moments where I’d wish for certain things to not fall into that rule but it’s inevitable whether we like it or not. 

That’s why I cannot stress this enough with saying the BACK BUTTON IS YOUR FRIEND! FUCK THE WHOLE FIRST AMENDMENT SHIT, WE DON’T NEED TO ADD MORE UNNECESSARY DRAMA THEN THERE ALREADY IS! Just because you have the right to say what you want, doesn’t mean it’s gonna stop others from telling you to shut the fuck up because, get this, they have the right to do so as well. 

One more thing to add with the subjects of robots having sex; Panty and Stocking showed an interesting concept of ‘em having sex which a screw driver was twisting the…uh…what’s the proper word for them? Screws? IDK, THE LITTLE THINGS YOU USE TO PUT SHIT TOGETHER. That is all.

One more thing I’d like to address before moving on to MMDC; STOP HATING ON DEO’S (formally known as Rebornica) AU OF FNAF! THEY’VE LEFT THE FANDOM FOR GOD’S SAKE! If you’re tired of seeing Vincent, fine, whatever, just, for the love of god, stop with the hate. You’re kicking a dead horse and it’s not cool. Also, I know that there are folks who are baffled by seeing some fans liking the purple guy, the key word here is; villain. There’s always gonna be someone who likes the villain. Yes some fans may take it a bit too far but again, it’s inevitable. Must I bring up Loki from Thor/Avengers?

That being said; THOSE OF YOU WHO SAY THE BULLIES GOT WHAT THEY DESERVED BY GETTING KILLED BY THE PURPLE GUY AND CALL HIM A HERO SHOULD BE ASHAMED! THAT IS DISGUSTING AND MAKES YOU NO BETTER THAN THE BULLIES THEMSELVES! I mean it’s fine if you have your theories that the bullies end up being the victims but…don’t go congratulating Purple Guy for murdering them as revenge for ‘killing his son’. That’s just…ugh…

(I know there were comics that had slightly different perspectives of Purple Guy killing the kids but keep in mind that I’m generally referring to FNAF 4 and ONLY FNAF 4!)  

Even so, I honestly do not believe that the bullies are the ones who become the missing kids because the theme of the game was about the crying child being bullied! Therefore, the bullies wearing the masks were representing the nightmare animatronics! 

Okay, I think I’ve mostly covered what needed to be said, but if I’ve forgotten other shit I wanted to say, I’ll go back and write them in.       


Now, I’m fairly new to MMD in general since trying to figure out all the rules, how to make models from scratch, getting frustrated on why some of the ‘read me’ rules keep coming up in gibberish symbols (I thought they were wingdings but I was wrong) yet sometimes other ‘read me’ rules would come out fine in Japanese, trying my best to follow the rules, reading/watching all sorts of tutorials on how to do what yet still get it wrong (HOW DO I MOTION?!), feeling guilty when taking parts from other models despite the rules saying it’s okay to do so, but then come across a journal/description written by a different person saying not to and states that it’s…model violating (please note that I DO NOT take parts from models when the creator asks others not to. I want to be a good girl, I swear!), and then feel guilty all together when I see journals about people stealing models/going against the rules.

I know they’re not directed at me, but for some reason, it affects me when I hear that it’s mostly referred to newbs who don’t give a shit about rules, yet I want to follow the rules and be a good girl. If I were to find out that I did something wrong, I start feeling like the scum of the Earth and get paranoid about the person hating me.


That’s why I try so hard to follow the rules and do my best to ask the creators about something I’m still unsure about so that I can hopefully avoid it. In fact, you wanna know something sad? I had to look up what redistributing/distributing meant when I kept seeing them brought up in descriptions because I had no idea what they meant. Once I learned what it meant, I made a vow to myself to never ever do that and do my best to reassure the creators that I’m not going to do that.

Yet the hard part is going up to them and trying to even say something relating to the model. Mind you, I do my best not to come off as asking for a model (I think I have done it once but it was out of sheer curiosity and then left it at that because I didn’t see the journals-AUGH), and try really hard to just ask if I’m following the rules, okay to use an outfit even if the rules did say it was fine but I’m still unsure, or let them know if there’s a glitch with a model I used. IDK, I’m just really scared to talk to people I don’t know mostly due to not wanting to come off as annoying. Especially if someone is going through a hard time and don’t want to bug them due to being taught about time and place. 

There’s also the insecurity of coming off as a kiss-up, and that applies to everyone. I want to be nice but every time I look back at a comment I left, I can’t help but see it as me being a brown noser. I don’t want to be a kiss-up; I just want to make a good impression and respect the creator’s wishes.

So when I’ve heard about all this sudden drama about folks not following the rules, and then see people take down the DL to their models, I get frustrated and angry at the rule breakers. I don’t blame the creators for taking them down because while it’s not MMD related, I understand the feeling when you discover someone stealing something you’ve made! There have been several times where I’ve seen my art being posted somewhere else without my permission and regret the fact that I got excited seeing my picture up in Tumblr when I should’ve stated that they should ask me first. 

Plus with the confusion/outrage with DA’s dumbass topic about Digital art not being real art and interpret as if they’re saying its okay to steal, I again can see why people would ether leave or are hesitant to post something.

AUGH! I’m getting off topic, sorry. 

Anyway, with all these rules I try to follow and try to make sure I’m not breaking the rules, I get hesitant when someone offers to fix a model I’ve made because I take the rules too seriously and feel like by doing so, I’m breaking said rule. Like I said; scum of the Earth if I unintentionally fuck up.

Then there’s the fear of seeing folks I watch/admire/respect having the possibility of leaving/quitting due to all the shit happening to them. Again, I don’t blame them for being upset, they have every right to feel that way, but-and here’s where I start inserting my foot into my mouth-there’s the fighting urge to come up and beg for them not to go! There’s gonna be one asshat that’s gonna steal shit and it can be very frustrating, but…IDK, I can’t find the right words to express this. I guess I just end up feeling extremely sad/bad for the creators when shit like this happens and desperately want to say something to make them feel better…but I end up feeling helpless for not finding the right words to say to them.

I tend to have unnecessary guilt for a lot of things. Like when I have a model I downloaded months ago and then find out that the said model was taken down, I remembered that before it was taken down, the creator would ask for people to let them know that we’ve downloaded it. Sometimes I forget to comment because there are a lot of times where I download but don’t comment right away since I want to make sure if the model works properly. Yet when I do remember and want to comment, I don’t have the chance to do so because the comments are disabled. Therefore I go back to the scared feeling of wanting to tell them that I have the model but want to reassure them that I won’t do anything to said model (take parts, redistribute, etc) and give myself some closure so that the guilt can go away.

The same goes for motions. I do my best to always credit people when I can, and if I forget who made what, I spend hours looking for the owner of whatever I used and then quickly write it down so that I can assure everyone that I’m not doing the whole ‘all rights reserved’ when it comes to models. Admittedly I do that when it comes to drawings, but seeing how strict people feel about crediting in the MMDC, I again do my best to follow them.

(I am sooo sorry for sounding like a broken record here.)

Yet when I see things like ‘bad MMDC’ or ‘bad MMD models’ blogs I find on Tumblr, I again start to feel bad and hesitant to at least show the models I’ve made due to fear of being torn apart by how dumb it looks (ex. Looks like Rin with different hair), or how its another ___ related and might be misinterpreted as a mary-sue, oc x official pairing, or just…IDK, something stupid?

Again, I know they’re not aimed at me and should really stop worrying about what others think but it’s something that I’ve been struggling with for a long time and desperately am trying to work on. I mean lately I have been forcing myself to get over my severe social anxiety by going up and saying what I want to say, but again, baby steps.

…Shit, I can’t remember if I had more things to say but even so, I think I’ve rambled long enough and hope you guys understand how I’ve felt.

I’m sorry for not being active on the artist front but please believe me that I’m still doing that off the computer and have been taking classes to help me improve better. I’m aware that folks are wondering what’s going on with YSTH and believe me, I feel bad but I’m still on hiatus with it since I’m trying to figure out where I’m going with this story. Not to mention character development, UGH, why must it be so difficult?!

In the meantime, to somewhat soothe my conscience, I want to try writing other stories that I’ve been dying to try along with stepping out of my comfort zone and draw things that I normally don’t draw. FNAF especially because I’m forever a fan and will never leave, even if the fandom goes batshit insane. Plus, I need to learn how to draw robots more and hopefully find my own style. (SPRINGTRAP YOU ARE STILL A PAIN IN THE ASS TO DRAW!! …I haven’t even attempted to draw the Nightmare animatronics and yet still know my hand’s gonna end up being crippled.)  

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go hide in an office and try to keep away the killer fans from tearing me apart while trying to save power and make it to 6 AM.

…I’m not sorry for making that bad joke.

HACKER ALERT (probably a hoax)
"There's a hacker in dA!! He/She will hack your account and post pornoghaphic pictures, only if he/she hackes your account. If he/she finds out that you've posted this to a journal or on your page, he'll/she'll know what's going on and won't hack you. Please copy this for your safety to prevent your account being hacked.

This hacker writes in journals 'I hate you all, go die', and (s)he'll also remove your watches. I suggest you to copy this journal to warn your watchers. Spread the word!!! This hacker is going around and hacking into other people's accounts to block your friends so that your friends block you, get you in trouble, and could get you banned from deviantART!

I suggest you to change your password. Make a stronger one, to make the hacker's job harder!!"

I'll delete this once it's calmed down. I'm sure it's a hoax but better safe than sorry, right? ^^;

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