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If you would like to see some drawings of a fan girl, doing absolute fail stories, parodies, and etc, click below.

I'm aware that my ideas are silly but it's all in good fun. :aww:

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Journal Entry: Fri Nov 28, 2014, 5:15 PM

Yakko-Strange Things Happening Fanfic
Recent Chapters of YSTH so far:

YSTH :Prologue: The Nightmare
Life. The word that is the very reason the universe was created. Before humans appeared, other creatures walked among the Earth, making them somewhat rulers of their world. However, no one knows when life would soon end, for during their time, a meteor crashed into their surface causing their world to become grim. Their water dried out, the food burnt up, the devourers starved to death, and soon, all that inhabited life was dead in a matter of seconds. Life had been taken away from under their noses.
As the years past, humans were then created as the first man walked on the surface of the Earth. Soon, human beings, changing the world with ideas, dreams, accomplishments, and power, inhabited the world. No one would have suspected that his or her lives might end any moment, at any time. It just didn't seem to be the main idea to be worried about…so they thought. Life would, yet again, be put to an end…with no warning and no reason, what so ever.
It is these sayings that have dr
- Chapter 1: *Prologue* Nightmare
YSTH :Chapter 2: Falling Stars
Opening his eyes to see nothing but darkness, Yakko shot up from his covers, taking in heavy breaths. His entire body trembled; sweat poured down his face as he clenched his blanket. The nightmare had really spooked him. He took a quick glance around the room, realizing that he was now in his bed. Taking a heavy sigh of relief, Yakko plopped back into his mattress, slowly closing his eyes and tried to go back to sleep.
"What happened?" A familiar liver-pool voice cried.
Hearing that voice, Yakko jumped up from his covers causing him to bonk his head on the bunker of his bed. Rubbing his bump that had formed, Yakko frowned at the person who had spoken: Wakko. He was tilting from his top bunker, holding on to the edge with his tail as he hovered over his brother's. Yakko could see that he was wearing his sky blue night suit, with little buttons snapped closed to hold the outfit together. Knowing that he wasn't amused from the unexpected wake up call, Wakko gave a sheepish grin, letting h
- Chapter 2: Falling Stars
YSTH :Chapter 3: Target
It's time for An-i-ma-ni-acs~
And we're zany to the max!

A pair of crimson red eyes fixated on the screen as it displayed the three children running away from a man, who was incredibly o beast, trying to capture them with a butterfly net.
"What nonsense." The woman muttered. With her hand holding a beautifully crafted wine glass, she quietly took a sip of the drink, giving into the taste as it slowly slipped down to her mouth.
The monitor began to make a slight noise of static as the clip had suddenly changed to another scene. It still showed the same children, but now they were dressed in formal clothing, acting out as if they were trying to impress someone. The woman chuckled when she watched them get rejected and thrown out from the party. How they all shared the same look of sadness made her smile with satisfaction.
That smile had quickly faded away when she saw the oldest one, Yakko Warner, suddenly turn the tables around with a look of utter determination that glowed in hi
- Chapter 3: Target

I also have accounts on

Just a reminder
To all who watch me or visit my page, be aware that you are to treat others how YOU want to be treated! If I see anyone that breaks this rule, I'll give you a warning, and if you break it again, :police:YOU WILL BE BLOCKED!!:police: More info here

So how was everyone's Thanksgiving? Mine went great. Got a chance to play Smash Wii U and ate a lot of food. Then today I was with BSC with their Smash Stream so I hope everyone who was there enjoyed it. :aww:

Alright, with that bit out of the way, let's get down to the real subject at hand, okay?

It's been a very struggling decision but after certain events that have happened over the past months of getting a random ass 'review' saying really odd and creepy messages that have made me uncomfortable, I have come to the conclusion to remove YSTH from! I apologize for many viewers who also have an FF account and has the fanfic in their alert boxes but I can't take the random anonymous reviews anymore since I have no control on stopping him on that site due to unable to make anonymous users go away. On the other hand with DA, I know exactly who he is and can stop him from making anymore creepy ass comments therefore blocking him because he seriously creeps me out. I'm talking about comments that literally made no sense and how they would bring up things that would have nothing to do with the story, not to mention finding the guy's profile on DA and seeing his age being 64 really sent red flags that I had to talk to my Dad about it, to which he agreed that blocking him was the right decision.

So now this said guy has been sending 'reviews' once every millennia saying creepy things that I swear the last one almost sounded like a death threat that I'm just 100% done with this bullshit. Besides, I really haven't been liking how the one on has been going and have heard that people have been reading that one then the one in the group.

In fact, lately I've been feeling very unconfident with my writing skills that I've been stuck in a rut for a long time, struggling with depression, anxiety, and stress that I just didn't know what to do and felt very bad for keeping YSTH on constant hiatus or trying to motivate myself into writing but then stop because it would sound so stupid to me and then end up doing something else because of stress and very harsh self-criticism towards myself. I keep having all these interesting concepts in my head, yet I can't get them into words or try drawing it as a comic because of the whole plot thing (beginning, middle, end) and what characters seem important to the story get so confusing to me that I end up losing sleep because of it.

I try my best to improve as much as I can and try to do a lot of research about characters and look up a lot of tutorials for both art and how to write better. It just comes to a point where you realize you can't magically improve things over night and that I have to accept that I work at a much slower pace, which I hate, along with trying my hardest to understand legit criticism (critiques that HELP me, not demands, not insults, just legitimate criticism that tells me the basics of how to improve...even though I get nervous to ask them what they mean because I have a hard time understanding what they're talking about sometimes ^^;)

But I'm getting off topic.

The point is, YSTH will no longer be on and will be exclusive only to the :iconysth-club: where I can keep things organized and post the chapters there...even though I'm also thinking about deleting the current chapters there as well as redrawing the current comic pages because damn me for being unsatisfied with everything :iconorzplz:

So again, to all the readers who have it on watch on, please move to YSTH-club so that you can keep up with the updates and not feel cheated for when I delete it.

I'll be posting this same paragraph on so that users will know and give them time before doing so. After a couple of days, I'll delete it.

Thank you for your time.


HACKER ALERT (probably a hoax)
"There's a hacker in dA!! He/She will hack your account and post pornoghaphic pictures, only if he/she hackes your account. If he/she finds out that you've posted this to a journal or on your page, he'll/she'll know what's going on and won't hack you. Please copy this for your safety to prevent your account being hacked.

This hacker writes in journals 'I hate you all, go die', and (s)he'll also remove your watches. I suggest you to copy this journal to warn your watchers. Spread the word!!! This hacker is going around and hacking into other people's accounts to block your friends so that your friends block you, get you in trouble, and could get you banned from deviantART!

I suggest you to change your password. Make a stronger one, to make the hacker's job harder!!"

I'll delete this once it's calmed down. I'm sure it's a hoax but better safe than sorry, right? ^^;

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Here's the list of the art progress as stated in title for those who are curious and will be updated when needed


Yep. Got back into this shit again. View the eggs if you don't want them to die! :ohnoes: However, if you'd like to see my dragons, click here to see my scroll

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Hiiiiii! My name's Amanda but you can call me Manda, or SaSfan15. Whatever you prefer. Just don't call me Mandy XD;;

I'm a girl that's trying to accomplish her goals in life by taking one step at a time. Being one with ADHD and other challenges may be difficult at times but with patience and help, I know I'll get their some day!

I love art of any kind (except stolen art) and am easily amused. So be prepared to get a lot of favs if I ever come to your page (though I do try not to spam fav an entire gallery) :XD:

I've also been known to kill your childhood so if you value your precious memories of them and prefer to keep it that way, I suggest you TURN BACK NOW!!!


Other then that enjoy the weird but fun randomness! 8D

(Randomness includes moments of ADHD, fangirlism, crazy-ass-crossovers, pairings that probably won't make sense, and more~)

This page may contain images that are not suitable for younger vieweres. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Enjoy~ :music:





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